Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?
Full refund with 24 hours notice.

How do we find you at the airport?
There are Alta Shuttle desks in both bag claim areas. When you arrive at the airport, check in with our representative while you are waiting for your bags. If you are flying on Delta, go to our desk by bag claim #7. If you are flying on any airline besides Delta, go to our desk by bag claim #3.

How long is the wait for a shared shuttle ride to Alta/Snowbird?
The average wait time is about ten minutes. Sometimes you will not wait at all and we will be rushing you to a van that is waiting for you. If there are people arriving right after you, you might have to wait for them. Our company policy is that you will never wait more than 30 minutes once you have you bags.

What is the difference between a shared shuttle ride and a private vehicle?
If you are on a shared ride, you will be grouped with other passengers who are arriving at about the same time. If you book a private vehicle, you will not have to wait for other passengers.

Do you have carseats for children?
We have three different size carseats. As long as you let us know in advance, we will have carseats available for you use.
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